Massage Establishment Licensing – RETIRED 01-11-2023

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Municipal Level Establishment Licensing – Enacted
• CCMT – Municipal Massage Therapy Establishment Licensing Comparison Chart PDF

Division 3 of Article V of Chapter 86 of this City Code, Massage Facility License

Commerce City
Division 7. Massage Facility Licenses

Chapter 33.5 – Massage Businesses 
Costs – Sec. 32-92.5. – Massage business

Wheat Ridge
Article X. Massage Businesses

Municipal Level Establishment Licensing – In Process


Colorado Springs

06-15-2022 – Call for Public Comment
Office of the Colorado Springs City Clerk –
City Massage Business License Requirement Notice
Call for Public Comment – Solo Practitioner Exemption Rules
Deadline to submit comments – July 16, 2022
• Link to Colorado Springs Business Licensing website
• Link to 06-15-2022 LAN-CCMT email

05-11-2022 – Council Meeting
Agenda item 8
• Link to COSP 05-11-2022 Council Meeting
• Link to pdf of 04-19-2022 revised ordinance

04-26-2022 – Council Meeting
Agenda items 11.D and 11.E
• Link to pdf of 04-19-2022 revised ordinance
• Link to pdf of 04-19-2022 fee schedule
Fee schedule includes $50 solo practitioner exemption review fee

04-24-2022 – AMTA-CO Response email blast to proposed ordinance and fees

04-12-2022 – Industry Response to COSP Proposed Ordinance
• AMTA 04-12-2022 Response to COSP proposed ordinance – pdf
• ABMP 04-12-2022 Response to COSP proposed ordinance – pdf

04-11-2022 – Council Work Session
• Email –
Link to pdf of ordinance as introduced
Link to pdf of PowerPoint presentation
Link to COSP FB broadcast – massage discussion starts at 6:23




Final ordinance
– O-2022-8

06-13-2022 – Council Meeting
– First Reading of Ordinance

02-07-2022 Discussion – Council Study Session
Draft ordinance discussed
– revised draft/first reading postponed for additional stakeholder input