HB22-1300 – Local Enforcement To Prevent Human Trafficking

Concerning local enforcement against human trafficking by allowing the adoption of local ordinances to prevent human trafficking-related offenses in illicit businesses represented as massage businesses.

The bill allows a board of county commissioners to adopt a local resolution or ordinance to establish business licensure requirements to regulate massage facilities for the sole purpose of deterring illicit massage businesses and preventing human trafficking. The bill allows the board to charge an administrative licensure fee for a massage facility.

Primary Sponsors
Representative Terri Carver – District 20 – El Paso
Representative Lindsey Daugherty – District 19 – Jefferson
Senator Rhonda Fields – District 29 – Arapahoe
Senator Bob Gardner – District 12 – El Paso

Link to HB22-1300 – Local Enforcement to Prevent Human Trafficking
Link to pdf of Final Act

06-09-2022 – Signed Act

05-31-2022 – Sent to the Governor

05-31-2022 – Senate – Signed by the President of the Senate

05-27-2022 – House – Signed by Speaker of the House

05-23-2022 – Final Act

04-22-2022 – Senate Third Reading – Passed No Amendments

04-21-2022 – Senate Second Reading – Passed No Amendments

04-19-2022 – Senate Local Government Hearing
• Link to audio of 04-19-2022 Senate Local Government Hearing

03-30-2022 – Introduced in Senate – Assigned to Local Government

03-29-2022 – House Third Reading
• Link to audio of 03-29-2022 Third Reading

03-28-2022 – House Second Reading
• Link to audio of 03-28-2022 House Second Reading

03-23-2022 – House Judiciary Committee Hearing
• Link to audio of 03-23-2022 House Judiciary Committee

03-15-2022 – Introduced – Assigned to House Judiciary Committee
• Link to pdf of Introduced Bill

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